(2023). The Maginot Line: Attacking the Boundary of DNS Caching Protection. In USENIX Security ‘23. Anaheim, California, August 9–11, 2023. (Acceptance rate: ??%, Acceptance rate in summer: 82/402=20.4%, Acceptance rate in fall: ??%), Acceptance rate in winter: ??%).

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(2023). Ghost Domain Reloaded: Vulnerable Links in Domain Name Delegation and Revocation. In NDSS ‘23. San Diego, California, 27 February – 3 March, 2023. (Acceptance rate: 101/581=17.4%, Acceptance rate in summer: 36/183=19.7%), Acceptance rate in fall: 65/398=16.3%).

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(2021). Fast IPv6 Network Periphery Discovery and Security Implications. In DSN ‘21. Taipei, Taiwan, June 21-24, 2021 (Virtually). (Acceptance rate: 48/279=17.2%).

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